Our cultural beliefs teach us to spend more time nurturing our kids, so they spend more time nurturing us in old age. But I’d rather modify this belief to say that one should spend more time nurturing their body so that it nurtures your wellbeing in old age. From the moment we become self-aware and sensible of our surroundings, we start setting our materialistic goals. Starting with an A-grade degree, to a high-paying job, to a loving spouse, to a spacious house, to kids, and other expensive accessories, we spend our adulthood rushing through time. Until one day, an unforeseen pain in the left hand, or back, or the jaw, sets in and turns out to be a heart attack.

The primary reason one suffers from a cardiovascular disorder is the stiffening of the arteries to the heart. Here, we’ll discuss some factors which are the leading reasons behind this problem, followed by some guidelines that’ll help you prevent such problems in the long run.

Primary Causes Of Stiffness In The Arteries:

Consider an example of a rubber pipe. If left out in the sun for too long, the rubber pipe stiffens and often cracks. The arteries to our hearts undergo similar stiffening process, but the causes of this stiffening are different, such as:

When bodily acids, cholesterol cells, and metallic elements pile up in the body due to a combination of the above-mentioned reasons, it leads to artery blockages. Not just cholesterol, but all these factors are responsible for the cardiovascular problems observed today and the only preventive measures I can suggest can be easily achieved by following these simple yet paramount steps throughout your lives:

Undergoing Comprehensive Physical Checkups:

Utilizing Natural Chelator Agents In Your Diet:

A Punctual And Healthy Diet Schedule:

Using Iron Or Clay-made Utensils:

Following Your Bp And Hypertension Medication Schedule:

Managing Your Mental Stress:

To learn more about managing your cardiovascular problems and how chelation therapy can help rectify them non-surgically, visit the Poona Preventive Cardiology Center website and reach out to our chelation therapy experts today!