EMRT Treatment


Electromagnetic Regeneration Therapy (EMRT) treatment provides the best opportunity for treating Arthritis, Cartilage damage (Osteoarthritis) and back pains through non invasive procedure. EMRT delays or completely eradicates the necessary of surgery and reduces the pain just by stimulating the natural healing power of the body. Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre, the perfect care taker of your health, is glad to offer you the scientifically recognized EMRT treatment and relieve your pain.

How it works

It is an excellent form of electromagnetic therapy and helps in treating damages in intervertebral discs, ligaments, cartilage, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and also mismatched joint of broken bones. With perfect blending of conventional and non traditional medical techniques, it induces the body to cure the tissue problem on its own by replicating the natural electrical pulse signal. Unlike the traditional magnetic therapy, these magnetic fields facilitate the smooth passage of electrical pulses to reach the injured tissue and paves way for effective treatment.



The first and foremost benefit of this therapy lies in its non invasive nature of procedure. Also with nil side effects, it is rapidly gaining popularity for treating osteoarthritis. In fact, it is confirmed through several medical researches, that it is quite effective for 80% and 65% of the early and advanced stage conditions of osteoarthritis. Moreover, all the risks and expenses associated with surgery are eliminated to the maximum extent possible.

Treatment duration

Treatment is usually given by our expert therapists of PPCC in 9 to 12 sessions, each one lasting for 1 hour. Our EMRT therapists at PPCC provide excellent arthritis treatment in Pune and facilitate gradual ease of joint pains.

Look no further for non surgical treatments for osteoarthritis in Pune. Moreover for damaged ligament structures and back pain treatment in Pune, perfect remedies through EMRT are offered at our centre. Our doctors at PPCC provide excellent treatment through EMRT and bring back the pain free days of yours.