Frankly speaking, the present day environment is not what it was few decades back. No doubt, unprecedented growth of industries and automobiles has offered many comforts for our daily activities. What about the pollution? We are being constantly exposed to toxic chemicals and heavy metals in our day to day life. Pollution and other lifestyles play a major role in accumulation of heavy toxic metals in our body. What we eat, drink, and breathe contains several heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, copper, iron, cadmium, aluminium and barium. Overloading of these heavy metals in our body disrupt the functioning of several parts including that of cardio vascular system. Is there any remedy for this? Chelation therapy is the answer.

How it works?

Before analyzing this let us see how chelation therapy helps. It helps in improving the functioning of heart, liver, kidney and increase the blood circulation to heart and brain. A great relief from leg muscle cramps, weight management and reduced blood pressure are other benefits of this therapy.
In chelation therapy, the chelating agents bind with the toxic metals or minerals like calcium (accumulated in arteries) and are subsequently excreted from the body. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), a synthetic chelating agent is introduced into the blood stream through injection. This in turn grabs the metals from the blood stream and then gets removed from the body. The success story of chelation therapy dates back almost a century back during which it is was successfully deployed in Germany for removing lead from the blood stream of painters.

How it benefits?

Chelation therapy is very useful in treating the disorders caused by overloads of metal. Systematic chelation therapy is prescribed to minimize the quantum of toxic metals in the blood stream. It should be noted that the chelating agent or chelator used for the treatment varies according to the metal. EDTA is generally employed as a non-specific chelating agent to remove calcium, iron, lead and several other metals. Overdose of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium causes free-radical damages and these are effectively treated by the chelation therapy.

The removal of toxic metals and calcium (plaques in arteries) produces appreciable results by restoring the cardio-vascular health. This salient feature of removing the calcium plaques has made the chelation therapy to be recognized as alternative treatment for heart blockage.

Chelation therapy benefits for all the blood carrying arteries and capillaries. The best feature of chelation therapy is that the chelating agent not only travels through the blocked areas but in all routes of arteries.

How it is done?

Usually chelation therapies are conducted in several sessions with each sitting occupying around 90 minutes. As it is IV based treatment, the patient can read books or listen to music during the course of treatment!

The doctors of Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre have been successfully providing chelation therapy and EECP treatment in Pune and revolutionizing the medical world through their alternative line of treatment.

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