What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is a proven medical treatment procedure used for metal poisoning. It is also used to reverse and slow down the progression of hardening of arteries, atherosclerotic heart disease and other age related degenerative diseases. Chelation therapy can be used for treating many diseases like leg pain, gangrene and heart attacks.

Is Chelation Therapy used for Heart Disease?

Chelation therapy is also a widely practiced and proven medical treatment for atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases all over the world. Atherosclerosis refers to the narrowing and stiffening of arteries caused due to the accumulation of pathologic calcium and plaque. The clogging of arteries results in diminished circulation and oxygen to our cells.

How does Chelation therapy work for Heat Disease?

This therapy is a preventive treatment which is given prior to angioplasty without or with bypass surgery or stent. Usually ethylene diamine tetra acetic acids or EDTA is used as the chelating agent. The EDTA binds to calcium present in fatty plaques that line the arteries. When the EDTA pulls out the calcium, the plaque is supposedly swept away too. This results in the clearing of the clogged arteries.

How does the Chelation therapy Benefit the body?/p>

What does the Chelation Therapy Session involve?/p>

The Chelation therapy for heart disease in Pune is fast gaining popularity as it is a safe, painless and cost effective procedure. This therapy session is an intravenous procedure conducted in the clinic and is administered by a qualified and trained medical doctor. A Chelation therapy session usually takes between 2 to3 hours. The patient is made to relax in a comfortable recliner and enjoy reading, watching TV, listening to music, etc. The number of sessions of the Chelation therapy mainly depends upon the following:

The patients can go back home after each session as it does not pose any difficulties. There are very few doctors who practice Chelation therapy in Pune. Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre has been successfully providing Chelation therapy in Pune. The qualified doctors aim to improve the overall health of the patients and also the quality of life.

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