Metal components such as lead, mercury, iron, and arsenic get built inside our body which is toxic and can be fatal for our heart. Chelation therapy for the heart is a treatment that uses medicines to remove these metals from our body. At Punechelation, we perform Artery clearance therapy in Pune to avoid angioplasty bypass surgery.

Treatment Procedures

Chelation therapy is performed using special drug medication that binds harmful metals in our bloodstream. This chelating medicine is given through an intravenous (IV) tube in the patient’s arms. The medication is also available in a pill form. Discuss the treatment concerns with your expert doctor and decide the course of treatment.

Once the drugs infuse inside your body, it gets attached to the harmful metals and removes them both through urine. Before our doctors recommend chelation therapy to any patient, a blood test is mandatory to make sure you have metal poisoning and to determine any blood side-effects.

Chelation Therapy and Heart Disease

A healthy body gets affected with a heart condition when fatty deposits, known as plaque forms inside the arteries. The plaque substance shrinks down the blood vessel so that less amount of blood flows through your heart. The chelating drug Disodium EDA binds these harmful materials and clears your blood vessels. After cleansing, both drugs and toxic metals get removed out of your body through urine system.

Punechelation therapy has helped many heart patients reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other fatal heart problems.


We, at Punechelation, firmly believe in educating our patients before recommending the therapy. It gives them an opportunity to decide whether they want the treatment or not. Punechelation also has a successful history of performing chelation therapy and have helped many patients reduce the risk of heart conditions. Visit us today for more in-depth knowledge regarding the Therapy and treatment concerns.

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