The modern world with superior technological innovations and massive industrialization has provided us with numerous facilities that have lessened our burden of day-to-day life chores. But there has been a flip side also. We all have accumulated some toxic heavy metals such as Mercury, lead in our bodies. Also due to the changes in life styles, there has been an alarming rise in the cardiovascular diseases. In fact, it has achieved the dubious distinction of number one killer disease across the globe. What is the way out? Is it possible to get heart treatment without angioplasty, bypass surgery? Yes, says the expert doctor Poona Preventive Cardiology Center (PPCC), renowned for Chelation therapy and EECP treatment in Pune. He further adds that chelation therapy would do wonders in our body and completely detoxify the plaques that have been narrowing the arteries.

In this connection, let us see how we can prevent heart surgery and the facts and fictions associated with chelation therapy.

In the first place, it should be stressed upon that the chelation therapy is very safe. It is an effective non-invasive treatment and a far superior alternative for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The working methodology or the concept of the chelation therapy is quite simple. Arteries, the blood carriers, get narrowed down due to plaques, a complex deposition of cholesterol and calcium. When EDTA or suitable chelating agent is provided through intravenous infusion, the plaques get detached from the artery walls and come out of the body through excretory system. Additionally, all the heavy metal toxins are also grabbed by the chelating agent and come out of our body system. With each session of around 3 hours, it requires multiple sittings, depending upon the severity of the problem, to get completely cured.

Usually in case of clogged arteries, the suggested line of treatment is either bypass surgery or angioplasty. But with chelation therapy available as alternative treatment for heart blockage, it has been a big relief for all the heart patients. As added benefits of chelation therapy, improvement in memory and mental ability, decrease in fatigue and tiredness and finally the increase in energy levels are noticed in majority of the patients. This has been proved again and again through various studies all over the globe. Few recent studies even suggest that chelation therapy combats degenerative diseases and slows down the aging process. Without any doubt, it can be assured that chelation therapy is the most effective detoxifying treatment.

What is preventing the unfortunate people having heart problems from availing chelation therapy? It is merely due to myths and few fiction stories. If not for the effectiveness, there is no other reason for lakhs of people to have benefitted by the chelation therapy. In fact doctors in PPCC have successfully cured several patients through chelating therapy who have recurred heart diseases even after undergoing Angioplasty and Bypass.

Except in certain cases for which heart surgeries are required, all other cases can be treated through safe administration of chelation therapy by expert doctors at PPCC.

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