Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the ability to sustain only brief erections or inability to achieve and maintain a sufficient firm erection to have sexual intercourse. On few occasions, it is also referred as impotence. This abnormality is mainly caused due to physical problems such as vasculogenic ED due to poor blood flow in penis or psychological problems such as depression and stress. Poona Preventive Cardiology Center (PPCC) has come up with a non invasive, painless Erectile dysfunction treatment in Pune that renders appreciable results within few sessions of treatment.


How it works

It is grossly estimated that around one third of the men in the age group of 40 -70 are affected with erectile dysfunction and in most of the cases it is vasculogenic ED that is responsible for the problem. Doctors at PPCC try to increase the blood flow in penis by providing mildly intensive shockwaves to the affected area. These shockwaves, similar to that of ultrasonic waves, stimulate and induce the tissues to develop new micro blood vessels and thereby increase the blood flow to the erectile tissue. The results of this treatment are very good that majority of the patients affected with erectile dysfunction due to vasculogenic ED have started achieving quality erections. In fact this line of treatment has provided good results for patients in both initial and severe stages of dysfunction. Large number of patients in initial stages of dysfunction (who were able to achieve erection with the help of 5-Phosphodiesterase inhibitors) was successfully cured through this painless treatment and subsequently they were able to achieve erections without medications. Whereas in the case of patients in advanced stage of dysfunction (who were not able to achieve erection even with the help of 5-Phosphodiesterase inhibitors), more than two-thirds were cured and made to lead good sex life with the help of inhibitors.

Treatment procedure

It is an outpatient procedure and does not require hospitalization. The pure oxygen at twice or thrice the normal pressure would be supplied through a mask or a face hood. By this way, the lungs collect three times more oxygen than what could have been achieved during normal procedure.

Am I a candidate for treatment?

It is vital to find out the actual reason behind the erectile dysfunction as this treatment is primarily for those who have the poor penile blood flow as the reason. Hence this calls for comprehensive consultations, physical examinations, and clinical screening tests.

Treatment duration

As mentioned earlier, it is a non-invasive and painless treatment. Hence the treatment is provided as an outpatient procedure in six sessions that is spread over a span of three weeks. Each session lasts for around 30 minutes. After the completion of full cycle of treatment, it is necessary to undergo routine follow up for further assessments.

Side effects

The word shock wave therapy sounds painful, but in contrary, it is absolutely painless procedure with minimal side effects. Patients can immediately return to their routine work after the completion of each session.


The distinct advantage of treatment through shockwaves is that it does not have any recurring costs of medicines. While all other medications and injections treat the symptoms, the shock wave therapy addresses the underlying problem of penile blood flow. Hence the results are good with restoration of proper function of penis.

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The treatment involves low-intensity shockwaves (similar to ultrasound waves). Shockwaves emerging from the ED Machine are focused on the treatment area, stimulating the treated tissue to grow new micro blood vessels. Thus improved micro vessel network increases the blood supply to the erectile tissue resulting in improved erection.