Ozone Therapy

ozone therapy

Ozone Treatment For Heart Diseases

The root causes of most heart diseases are chronic inflammation and free radical damage to the heart’s blood vessels, which often lead to atherosclerotic plaque buildup (blockages). They are caused due to reduced oxygen supply and clotting of the RBCs in our blood. Ozone therapy is a century-old medical nonsurgical procedure for tackling these symptoms by artificially boosting oxygen content in our blood.

What Is Ozone Therapy And How Does It Work?

Ozone (O₃) is a volatile and water-soluble trioxygen molecule that quickly breaks down into oxygen (O₂) and nascent oxygen. In World War II, doctors used topical ozone medicines to disinfect wounds and boost the healing process. It was then found that ozone also improved blood flow in the body and reduced inflammatory responses.
When introduced to the RBCs in our blood, ozone molecules offer the following crucial advantages:
The improved oxygen supply, reduced inflammatory response, dilatation of blood vessels, and flexible RBCs ultimately enhance the overall circulatory system and help prevent or treat coronary disorders such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, diabetic neuropathy, etc.

The Ozone Therapy Procedure:

It is a quick outpatient procedure that does not require more than an hour. And since it does not require any incision or painful diagnostics, it is not performed under anesthesia except for the mild topical solutions used for injections.
First, a fixed amount of blood is extracted and stored in a sterile container. A specific amount of ozone solution is prepared, and, if required, a chelating agent is added to the mixture. This solution is mixed with the blood, and this ozonated blood is injected back into your body.
For patients with significant blockages and angina, ozone therapy has proved to be a life-changing treatment that helps them manage their conditional symptoms and lead a healthy routine life. You can reach out to our experts to learn how this therapy can manage your heart problem without any surgery.
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