HBOT Therapy

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is used to boost the healing process of various medical conditions as a part of a comprehensive treatment procedure. With this procedure, the natural ability of the body’s healing process is enhanced with pure oxygen. Simply put, HBOT aims at increasing the quantum of oxygen carried by the blood.

Why Opt For A HBOT?

As HBOT increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, it temporarily restores the right levels of gases in the blood. It regulates functionalities at the tissue-level to accelerate the healing process and effectively fight any infection during the healing period. An effective HBOT saturates more than six times the natural oxygen level. This increased oxygen makes the cells work beyond their usual capability, and instantaneously offers enhanced results with less exhaustion.

HBOT Treatment Procedure:

It is an outpatient procedure and does not require hospitalization. Once you’re settled in the treatment room, pure oxygen at twice or thrice the average pressure is supplied through a mask or a face hood as you respire. In this way, the lungs collect three times more oxygen than what they could have naturally.

Is HBOT Treatment Safe?

It is generally a safe procedure, and the medical complications are quite rare. Few risks associated with the air pressures can occur due to unsafe practices, but they are easily eliminated under our expert’s care and monitoring. After completing the therapy, it is normal to feel slightly tired and hungry, and it would not limit any of your normal day-to-day activities. As it is a well-established and regularly practiced procedure, especially for treating decompression sickness associated with scuba diving, no other serious side effects are anticipated.

HBOT Treatment Duration:

This oxygen therapy is typically continued for about two hours. However, based on your medical condition, more than one session may be required. For instance, treating non-healing wounds may require more than 20 HBOT sessions.

Advantages Of HOBT:

Our trained and experienced therapists offer the safest and most efficient HBOT treatment in Pune. Approach PPCC to consult our doctors for your unique health conditions and undergo this revolutionary treatment.
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