5 Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Heart

The heart is the central organ of the circulatory system and life. But fast-paced life, reduced activity, and fast food consumption are summing up to cause heart diseases and complications. Therefore, doctors emphasize adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating habits, and heart-strengthening exercise to get rid of heart complications.

5 best exercises to strengthen your heart:

  • Walking: Walking may seem simple, but it is highly efficient. Speed walking is known to be efficient in conditioning the heart. Brisk walking helps maintain the pulse rate while putting less pressure on joints than other exercises. The adaptability of walking makes it more common in people than other cardio-related exercises. So, have your earphones on, put on your favorite music, and start walking, morning and evening.
  • Cycling: Cycling has several cardiovascular and physical benefits. Cycling helps reduce cholesterol and heart disease risks. Besides this, cycling also helps maintain a healthy BMI, improve leg strength, and increase lung capacity. 

Note: Researchers have reported that cycling regularly improves mental health also. 

  • Weight training: Training and working out with weights strengthens muscles and tissues. Specific muscle training exercises called cardio, for example- push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and squats, strengthen cardiac muscles. Regular cardio exercise also increases the heart’s adaptability to survive severe conditions such as panic and palpitations.
  • Swimming: Swimming tones the full-body, acts upon muscles, and condition your cardiovascular system. The key to enjoying any sport is feeling natural movement while working your muscles, joints, and in-short full body. Swimming is an enjoyable fitness activity that is easy on joints, facilitates an active lifestyle, and is easy to learn.
  • Yoga: Yoga is extremely beneficial for individuals’ body, mind, soul, and heart health. The slow breathing exercise in concurrence with postural movements helps you strengthen bones, alter and tone muscles and circulate more oxygen to your system and thus improve BP levels, manage weight, and keep the heart-healthy. Yoga is accepted as a preventive measure of all major diseases and therefore  a pinnacle of a healthy and happy life.

Apart from these five must-do excersises, here are some other intense exercise forms that can improve your cardiovascular health.

  • Dance: Dancing involves full-body movement, makes a person happy and involved, and its regular practice is very good for heart health. Dancing is known for its health benefits and improving cardiovascular strength.
  • Interval Training: Interval training is splitting exercises between high-intensity periods to recover in a short time. For instance, exercising by running for a minute and letting your heart rate cool down for three minutes before repeating sets. It helps burn calories and improves the arteries and vein’s function.
  • Tai-chi: Tai chi is an old Chinese martial art that uses rhythmic movement and a focused state of mind and body at the same time. It also incorporates deep breathing with physical poses, which allows it to be called a “moving meditation.” Tai-chi is beneficial for the mind, heart, and full body.

These heart-strengthening exercises can certainly help people to stay fit and reduce the chances of cardiovascular complications. All exercises should be carried out with the consultation of your treating doctor. If you are experiencing any heart complication-related symptoms consult our experienced cardiologist in Pune, for early treatment. 

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