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Is there an alternative treatment for heart blockage or coronary vessels block? Is angioplasty bypass necessary to treat blockage of heart? Not anymore. In recent times, doctors have included a preventive cardiology treatment called EECP treatment for heart block. The doctors at Pune Preventive Cardiology Center have been successfully using this non-surgical treatment procedure and are of the opinion that if a person has heart diseases Enhanced External Counterpulsation can help them.

What is EECP?

This non-surgical treatment is clinically proven to be highly effective and beneficial to heart patients.

How does the EECP work?


In this treatment, the flow of healthy oxygenated blood to the heart is improved wherein small collateral blood vessels are formed or opened. This creates natural bypass around the narrow blocked arteries and helps to:

With the help of EECP treatment the patient will be able to perform the activities which they had given up completely. Patients who have undergone this treatment state that EECP gives them a chance to live again.

What happens in the EECP treatment?

This treatment is very comfortable and you will feel that you are taking an hour’s rest. Let’s check out how the EECP works

What is the duration of the treatment?

The patient may require taking 35 EECP treatments wherein the duration of each treatment is an hour during which they may sleep, listen to music or read.

What are the important benefits of EECP treatment?

The studies on patients who took the EECP treatment show:

Who can benefit from EECP treatment?

The EECP treatment is highly beneficial for the following people:

If you are looking for a heart treatment without angioplasty or bypass the EECP is the right choice. It not only relieves you from the symptoms associated with coronary disease but also helps you to have an active and happy lifestyle.

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