Arthritis, the mere utterance of the word sends shivers across the spines of those who have suffered the pain. The damaged cartilage and connective tissues results in inflammation and pain across the joints and renders limited mobility and restricted functionality as the end result. Is surgery the only possible option for the treatment of arthritis? Is there any other way out? Yes, Electromagnetic regeneration therapy (EMRT) provides a new lease of life for those who are frustrated with the pains of arthritis. Poona Preventive Cardiology Center (PPCC), a renowned centre for arthritis treatment in Pune, explains in detail about EMRT and it possibilities.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis, literally meaning joint inflammation is typically characterized by pain, stiffness and swelling around joints and surrounding and connecting tissues called cartilage. When the cartilage loses its shock absorbing capacity, it triggers pain. Injury, inheritance, infections, immune system dysfunction are the major reasons behind cartilage tissue damage and thereby the occurrence of arthritis. Doctors of PPCC, experts in providing non surgical treatments for osteoarthritis in Pune, adds that on few occasions, arthritis can be caused by combination of above factors.

What is EMRT?

EMRT is a non invasive procedure used to treat medical conditions like arthritis and sport injuries. EMRT employs electromagnetic field through which an electrical pulsed signal is passed over the affected area. These pulses help in repairing and growth of the damaged tissues. While therapeutic values of magnetism are employed in magnetic therapy, here they are just used as carriers for the electrical pulsed signals. If not for the magnetic fields, it would not be possible for the electrical signals to penetrate the injured site as they would get distorted and destroyed by the tissues.


As we daily perform our day to day activities, we impose severe stress on the joints. Under normal circumstances, a low power electrical signal is automatically generated and indicates the body to take necessary action to relieve the stress. But due to aging, injury, or disease, these electrical signals could not be generated. This is where EMRT comes into picture. They mimic these electrical signals and trigger the natural healing process and stimulate the repair of cartilage tissues.

How it is done?

The technology sounds simple and so is the procedure. All it requires is 9 – 12 sessions with each lasting for an hour. As it is absolutely non-invasive, patients need not get hospitalized and can wear any clothes of their choice. Based on the location of the joint to be treated, they are suitably positioned on the EMRT machine to facilitate smooth passage of pulsating signals over the cartilage. Any warm sensation or tingling feelings are signs of reconstruction of tissues and they are quite normal.

Advantages of EMRT:

Nevertheless, the application of EMRT is beneficial to pain management and treatment in spine, elbows & hands, shoulders, fingers, writs, lower backs and hips, knees, feet, ankles and toes. As this therapy relieves the compromise made by senior citizens and injured athletes, no wonder it is being rapidly accepted as an excellent alternative for surgical options. Contact our doctors at PPCC for joint and back pain treatment in Puneand feel the difference in quality of life.

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