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The importance of maintaining good health is at its peak as a shield against the growing hectic lifestyle. Innovation is taking center stage in the health sector to address the distinctive challenges introduced to mankind every day. Infrared (IR) Sauna is one such innovation which harnesses the power of infrared rays to offer multiple health benefits. The rays deeply penetrate the skin and provide optimum relief in managing stress levels, enhance skin texture, cardiovascular health, and restful sleep cycles.

But this is just the beginning. Let’s understand the whole range of health benefits offered by the Infrared Sauna and why it is an excellent addition at the Poona Preventive Cardiology Center.

Health Benefits of Infrared (IR) Sauna 

 Improved Sleep & Stress Reduction: As mentioned earlier, IR Sauna can significantly reduce stress and contribute to a healthy sleep pattern. Its soothing warm environment stimulates the body’s relaxing elements thereby providing an outlet for the excessive stress elements. Such heat-induced relaxation is followed by a post-sauna drop in the body’s temperature. This prepares the body for a better sleep and in turn better health.

 Better Cardiovascular Health: IR Sauna has the same positive effect on your body as a moderate workout session does. It boosts the blood circulation and heart rate while lowers the blood pressure. Oxygen supply to your vital organs and tissues is revived leading to better cardiovascular health. The benefits of sauna’s for people with cardiovascular conditions has been affirmed by the American Journal of Cardiology.

 Body Detoxification: Sweat is the human body’s way of eliminating toxins naturally. An IR Sauna works similarly by heating the body in order to induce a deeper sweat. This process expels all the toxins accumulated in our system due to exposure to various chemicals. The body undergoes a natural detoxification which is essential for good health and reducing stress on our system.

 Weight Management: Two of the major health benefits of the IR sauna are increasing heart rate and reducing stress levels. These two factors are pivotal in the weight management process. When the body heats up, our heart rate increases much like when we do exercises. This cardiovascular workout helps to burn calories which in turn, result in weight loss. As per studies, less stress is also integral in any weight management program.

 Chronic Pain Relief: The common causes of pain are inflammation and swelling. During an Infrared Sauna session, the body’s blood circulation is improved which oxygenates the tissues. In addition to this, the heat generated in the process relaxes the muscles and alleviates stiffness in the joints. Regular use of saunas has been marked with reducing pain levels but it may take a few sessions to experience the results for patients with chronic pain.

 Muscle Recovery Process: Use of IR Sauna for enhancing the body’s training performance and muscle recovery is very popular among gym members and athletes. Since it is a completely safe and natural therapy, it has an advantage over other methods. The heat from the sauna penetrates deep into the muscles to facilitate their repair and revival. Further, the increased blood circulation supplies essential nutrients to the depleted muscles which aids the overall recovery process.

 Physical & Mental Well-being: The soothing experience of IR sauna presents benefits beyond good blood circulation and pain relief. When the physical functioning of the body is at ease the mental system derives from it to generate a stress-free, relaxed state of mind. The warmth and solitude offered by the sauna is a much-needed place of peace for the body that is traumatized by hectic routine.

Infrared (IR) Sauna at Poona Preventive Cardiology Center

Poona Preventive Cardiology Center has always been at the forefront of introducing comprehensive care and wellness treatments since its establishment. Thus, the inclusion of Infrared (IR) Sauna is simply a manifestation of our long-standing culture of pioneering innovation.

We have witnessed firsthand how incredibly our patients have moved from chronic pain to robust health with its regular sessions. The sense of joy and renewal they have experienced at our center embodies the effectiveness of this scientifically-backed therapeutic tool. We urge people with chronic pain, mental stress, and cardiovascular diseases to come and reap the benefits of the incredible Infrared (IR) Sauna at Poona Preventive Cardiology Center. Your body and mind deserves it.

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