There is a strong and high correlation between heart diseases and diabetes. In fact, diabetic patients with high blood pressure are at a high risk of heart diseases. Among all the organs in our body, the heart is at a greater risk because of the problem of high BP and diabetes. The main function of the heart is to supply pure blood to all the organs through the blood vessels. Due to high BP and diabetes, the inner layer of these blood vessels tends to get damaged which leads to the obstruction of the blood flow, formation of blood clots, etc. The nerves get damaged from inside and chances of heart attack in these patients are high. The need of the hour for diabetic and High BP patients is to do regular check up and take the required treatment related to heart disease.The different types of invasive procedures like angiography etc..

In America a research project TACT i.e. Trial to Assess Chelation therapyin Pune  was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the use of chelation therapy to treat atherosclerosis. NIH has recently published a report which states that the chelation therapy has proved to be highly beneficial for diabetic and heart patients. This cost effective method helps to avoid surgery and has proven to be useful in not only preventing heart diseases, but also in enhancing the health of the arteries. It helps to remove the pathologic calcium and plaque, improves elasticity and thus increases the blood circulation.

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