What is How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a process in which a person is kept in a body chambers with a regulated and controlled atmospheric pressure, in this, the person inhales 100% oxygen wherein the healing process of the body increases.

In HBOT therapy excessive oxygen is pumped into the body which is carried by the fluids in the body, plasma, central nervous system fluid, bones, and lymph. The oxygen is sent in the areas of the body where there is the lack of it. Generally, oxygen is carried out only by the red blood cells in the whole body. It is a non surgical treatment for hearthelps white blood cells to fight bacteria, reduces body swelling and opens up the blood vessels for easier blood flow in the body.

How HBOT is done?

It is done an acrylic chamber, where a person is lying down. The technicians monitor the process and talks to them via intercom. Depending on the illness and disease HBOT therapy can take place from 10 days to several months, as per the joint consensus of the doctors. The patient need to spend at least 2 hours in the chamber, meanwhile, the patient can watch a movie or take rest. The patient can see the improvement within the seven days of the treatment.

Preparing the patient.

The patient should wear cotton and light clothes inside the chamber, without any jewelry or strong perfumes. Inform the technician about any medication you are on, or suffering from cold or flu. It is advisable to not to take alcohol or carbonated drinks for four hours before the treatment. Also, it is important to stop the consumption of tobacco or smoking during the complete treatment, as it interferes with the oxygen flow inside the body. We at Nliven, the leaving place for HBOT treatment in Pune understand our patients and help them in their therapy.

What are the benefits?

It is a non-invasive and highly effective therapy. Many of the injuries and illnesses are not healed properly due to the lack of oxygen within the body, due to the problem in circulation, sufficient oxygen is not able to reach to the damaged areas.  

HBOT Therapy is highly effective and improves the life of a patient. It has responded well to many medical conditions like chronic fatigue, head injuries, cerebral palsy and much more.

What are the risks or side-effects?

There are no major side-effects or risks in HBOT as it is done under a strict medical supervision. The patient may experience the temporary change in vision or barotraumas to the ears and sinus due the change in pressure. To prevent this, the sufficient cleaning of an ear is required by inserting tubes in the ears.  The toxicity of oxygen may be experienced in this therapy. If you are looking for HBOT then we can provide you with relevant information HBOT treatment in Pune.


It is a nonsurgical treatment for heart, which is quite effective as it allows the smooth blood flow in the blood vessels. Even after the treatment one should take precautions and do light exercises to be healthy.

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