When we hear the term Heart Attack, many of us think it to be a problem associated only with men. But it is not so. This deadly disease is common to both men and women. But the normal symptoms faced by men during an attack need not be necessarily faced by women. So it is utmost necessary for to have high awareness level about heart attack in women and its symptoms. Poona Preventive Cardiology Center, the leading clinic for providing heart treatment without angioplasty, bypass, shares symptoms of heart attack in women.

Heart attack

When the coronary arteries that supply oxygen rich blood to heart becomes thick because of cholesterol, fat and other substances called plaque, the supply of blood gets blocked and the heart struggles to get oxygen supply. This plaque buildup is called atherosclerosis. When the symptoms are recognized early, right treatment at right time can save a life.

As we have already mentioned, the symptoms of heart attack in women need not be necessarily to be same as that of men. In few cases, the symptoms are silent and it may prove futile if not noticed. To create awareness few common symptoms are listed below:

Chest pain

Yes, this is a common symptom in a male and a female. But the experience of this kind of pain by female is different. The pain need not be by the left side of heart and it can be anywhere. An uncomfortable squeezing pain or feeling of heaviness over the chest is also experienced by women. This feeling of pressure or fullness may last for few minutes and recur again.

Shortness of breath

If a woman experiences sudden shortness of breath without any reason or intense activity, it may be a sign of heart attack. An Immediate visit to the doctor helps in early diagnosis.


Pain is a clear sign of an attack. If any sort of abnormal pain that starts in a milder tone and gradually gets intensified in areas like jaw, back, shoulder and both the arms are felt it is always advisable to inform your doctor immediately.

Not a flu or ulcer

Stomach pain may be confused with flu, acid reflux or an ulcer. But these signs and a severe pressure in the abdomen area may very well be a signal of heart attack. If a pain is not typical, it is advisable to report to the doctor immediately.

Other symptoms

What can be done?

Several factors like obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, poor diet, and ill habits like smoking and alcohol may be contributing towards the heart disease and they ought to be immediately controlled. With the availability of chelation therapy, a comprehensive non-invasive for coronary heart disease treatment, the quality of life can be increased without any surgery. It is absolutely possible to avoid bypass surgery at Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre (PPCC) by highly successful alternative treatment for heart blockage like chelation therapy and EECP treatment in Pune. With lifestyle changes and diet management plan by PPCC, the coronary heart disease can be prevented. Those people who are in risk group with regard to age, genetics, medical history and those who have experienced signs of heart disease are advised to visit PPCC, the exemplary centre for non-invasive alternate treatment.

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