Extracorporeal shock wave myocardial revascularization (ESMR) technology is a boon for patients with ischemic heart disease, especially for whom all the surgical treatment options such as angioplasty, bypass surgery are not viable. With the help of this technology, chronic pains are relieved and thereby the quality of life of patients is enhanced. Poona preventive cardiology centre (PPCC) provides ESMR treatment in Pune , India and has opened the window of opportunity for patients who have nil or limited choices of treatment.

What is ischemic heart disease?

Ischemic heart disease is actually an outcome of narrowed coronary arteries that facilitates the blood flow to the heart.  This further leads to mismatch of supply and demand of oxygen and causes angina (chest pain). One few occasions it may lead to sudden cardiac death. It is a real pity to note that quality of life of patients identified with ischemic heart disease is very poor.

What is ESMR?

When surgical options for the treatment of ischemic disease are exhausted or the patient wishes to avail a heart treatment without angioplasty bypass, the situation becomes tough and necessitates to look out for alternative treatment. Luckily, extracorporeal shock wave therapy  (ESWT), the generic term for ESMR technology extends the hand of assistance to those categories of patients. The success story of EWST is quite vast and it has been in practice for  several decades in the urology department for treatment of kidney stones and in orthopedic department for the treatment of bone and soft tissue injuries. An almost similar methodology of treatment with lesser intensity of shock waves is being used in ESMR for treating heart disease.

Why it is a boon?

Well, the concept of ESMR is quite simple. It strives to increase the blood flow to the heart muscle by developing new pathways for blood around the narrowed or blocked arteries in the ischemic region of the heart. ESMR expands the network of blood flow through tiny vessels called collaterals and regularizes the blood flow to heart muscle. Due to this treatment, the oxygenated blood is supplied to the affected part of the heart through the newly formed blood vessels. The best part of the whole therapy is that the objective is fulfilled through non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical procedure. Yes, it is a completely non invasive procedure and helps the patients to avoid bypass, angioplasty, and other conventional treatment methods that carry with them their own risks and other complications.

Is it safe?

Being a non-invasive and painless therapy, it carries only the least possibilities of risk. It is an outpatient procedure with no necessity of sedatives. In short, ESMR provides the ischemic heart disease patients an excellent opportunity to have a rebirth. Few situations that perfectly demand the necessity of ESMR are:

Although the reasons are many more, the end result of ESMR  therapy Pune is very much positive. It provides a good chance for the patients to regain their lost health without opting for surgical revascularization.

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