Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men of various age groups. But is it generally considered to be a problem with men of middle age and older.  It is the inability to achieve an erection of firmness for the sexual intercourse, it is also known as the cause of impotence. It happens mostly when men are under stress or other factors like heart diseases, neurological problems or diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction treatment in Pune can be done and treated and we provide with the best doctors for consultation.

How does it happen?

When a man is aroused sexually the brain sends the signal to the blood vessels in the penis, wherein the muscles in the penis relax, filling it with blood and it becomes rigid.

There are various reasons for erectile dysfunction

Diagnosing erectile dysfunction.

There are various ways in which a doctor diagnoses the problem. Some are listed as such:


If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then it is the time to change your lifestyle. Start exercising regularly and meditate as it helps to manage and reduce the stress and anxiety. Quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption. Sleep for seven to eight hours so that your body can get enough rest. Eat healthily and develop an approach for a balance diet.

If this is not helping then you need to contact a doctor as the problem may somewhere else in the form of another illness. Follow the prescribed medicine by the doctor and follow the routine check up with them. Our clinic does erectile dysfunction treatment in Pune, if you are suffering from it then feel free to take an appointment with us.

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