Chelation Therapy & Heart Disease – 2021 Update

Chelation Therapy & Heart Disease - 2021 Update

A recent study has shown that about 24 lakh Indians die every year due to heart problems. The most common cause being coronary artery disease in adults above 50 years of age. Also, about 30% of the urban population and 15% of the rural population have hypertension and heart attacks. These cases prevail not just […]

Can We Avoid Angioplasty & Bypass Surgery?

No Need To Go For Angioplasty Bypass Surgery For Heart Problems 1

Whenever we hear about heart treatment, we think about surgical procedures such as Bypass surgery or replacement surgery. We always assume that heart problems can get fixed only through operations and surgeries. People always say that the medical field has made tremendous progress and came so far in the past few years. However, very few […]

Surgery Increases Your Risk – Get Second Opinion : Chelation Therapy

Guess what is the deadliest disease in the world that is collapsing the life quality of millions of people around the world. It is the coronary artery disease (CAD), also known an ischemic heart disease. This is caused due to the deposition of fatty substance or cholesterol on the inner walls of arteries, which in […]

Now Limit on Dietary Cholesterol Has Been Removed

The news is out and it is indeed a good one. The limit on dietary cholesterol has been removed. The dietary cholesterol limits had been thought as the controlling factor for raising LDL cholesterol limits and increasing the risks associated with heart diseases. Numerous researches spread over several decades could not substantiate this correlation. Hence […]

Prevent Heart Surgery : The Facts & Fictions of Chelation Therapy

The modern world with superior technological innovations and massive industrialization has provided us with numerous facilities that have lessened our burden of day-to-day life chores. But there has been a flip side also. We all have accumulated some toxic heavy metals such as Mercury, lead in our bodies. Also due to the changes in life […]

5 Dieting Tips To Help Reduce Cholesterol

Are you having high cholesterol problem? Take care as your heart is at risk. Presences of too much cholesterol in your blood causes a heart disease called atherosclerosis. The cholesterol builds up on the walls of your arteries which becomes narrow. This leads to slow flow of blood to the heart muscle or blocked. It […]

How Can I Prevent Heart Disease ? : Stroke Prevention

Coronary heart disease and stroke occurs when blood flow gets restricted due to the plaque build up in the walls of arteries. This plaque may develop into clot and result in heart attack. When the supply of blood to the brain is blocked, the cells in the starts to die due to insufficient blood and […]

Chelation Therapy : A Natural Method of Detoxification

A process that helps to remove toxins from our body is detoxification. Cleaning our body internally is as important as we clean our body externally. Generally the systems functioning in our body flush toxins naturally. The real problem arises when these toxin, settles in our body cells or other parts like kidney, heart or liver. […]

Necessities or Need of Preventive Cardiology

The main goal of any Preventive Cardiologist is to avert heart attacks and strokes. Initially it may seem to be an easy task to prevent them. The following are the major causes for vascular disease Smoking Diabetes High blood pressure High levels of cholesterol Genetics What is Preventive Cardiology? It is an integral part of […]