The main goal of any Preventive Cardiologist is to avert heart attacks and strokes. Initially it may seem to be an easy task to prevent them. The following are the major causes for vascular disease

What is Preventive Cardiology?

It is an integral part of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine which caters to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre offers optimal Preventive Cardiology treatment in Pune and provides a wide range of preventive cardiology programs: clinical, research and educational which primarily focuses on reducing death and disability from vascular and heart disease.

What is the Need for Preventive Cardiology?

Preventive Cardiology helps those who already have heart and vascular disease and also those who are at high risk of developing heart diseases.

How does Preventive Cardiology help cardiac and vascular patients?

Preventive Cardiology helps to promote the well being of the vascular and cardiac patients both during the course of treatment in hospitals and also during the process of recovery. It is overall a lifelong preventive and rehabilitation method. The programs included under Preventive Cardiology can be listed as follows:

What are the programs included under Preventive Cardiology?

Poona Preventive Cardiology Centreincludes the following programs as part of the Preventive Cardiology program:

What are the types of Preventive Cardiology?

The need of the hour is to understand thoroughly and identify the causes of heart disease. This will definitely make the mission of prevention of cardiology diseases rather effortless. According to Dr Lenny Da Costa who is an accomplished Geriatrician Consultant, Preventive Cardiologist and also an anti-aging specialist at Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre, Preventive cardiology includes three stages:

Primary Preventive Cardiology

In primary prevention, people are sensitized about the dangerous habits that have a serious impact on the heart. Primary prevention includes the following

Secondary Preventive Cardiology

This refers to a preventive method wherein the physicians try to prevent the undesirable culmination of an already established disease. This includes the following:

Tertiary Preventive Cardiology

Tertiary Preventive cardiology is used for patients who have already experienced a hard outcome. Prevention is thus very important. This will help to prevent the occurrence of another event and avert any serious eventuality.

We are backed by a team of experienced and qualified doctors, nurses and a fully equipped hi-tech cardiology center. Providing optimal cardiovascular prevention through the process of risk assessment at all the above specified three stages forms an integral part of our preventive cardiology. We also ensure that subsequent strategic correction of these risks is resorted to which will thereby help to improve the overall health condition of the patients.

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