Just by seeing the inconvenience being encountered by our near and dear ones affected with Arthritis, most of us would have definitely felt and understand the severity of knee pain it can inflict. It is a chronic disease that has affected millions of adults across the globe. Though it is more probable in adults aged over 60, a recent survey indicates that occurrence of arthritis in young and middle aged adults are in rise. Remember, there are several forms of arthritis and the most common being Osteoarthritis, a condition that gets developed due to damage in cartilage.

Traditionally doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines and drugs to treat arthritis. Remember, these medicines do not cure the disease, but reduce the symptoms. When the situation turns from bad to worse, doctors recommend knee surgery as the only viable option to treat it completely. Aren’t there any non surgical treatments than can provide relief from Arthritis?  Yes, EMRT can be successfully deployed as a non surgical treatment for arthritis and it is a boon for patients who are apprehensive to be under knives, ascertains an expert doctor associated with Poona Preventive Care Centre (PPCC), a renowned medical centre offering knee pain treatment in Pune.

What is EMRT?

Electro Magnetic Regeneration Therapy (EMRT), also known as Pulsed Signal Therapy is one of the marvels of technology that provides non-invasive treatment for arthritis, sports injuries, accident traumas and many more. EMRT is offered through simple device that uses magnetic field as the carrier to direct a series of electrical pulses. These pulses are similar to that of our physiological body signals that gets generated when the joint is under stress. When these electrical pulses pass through the injured region, they trigger the self-healing property of our body and rectify the problem.

Being a pain free and drug free treatment, this German methodology is fast gaining popularity among patients who prefer non-surgical procedures. What more, the end results of EMRT that have been reported through case studies is outstanding – Over 80% of patients with early symptoms of osteoarthritis and  around 65% of patients in advanced stage of osteoarthritis have either shown complete recovery or drastic reduction in symptoms.                                                          

What are the benefits?

How does it work?

Can you imagine how your brain comes to know about your knee pain? While your knee joints experience pain due to stress, it sends electrical pulses to brain and requests for restoration at the earliest opportunity. But unfortunately, due to aging process or diseases, these distress signals get lost or mutated. Precisely, that is where EMRT comes into picture. The EMRT device simulates these signals and triggers the self healing property of our body and thereby stimulates the repair of damaged tissues.

During the treatment procedure, the patient can wear comfortable clothing. Depending on the area that needs treatment, the patients are usually made to lie or sit comfortably on a special chair. The EMRT device is carefully positioned to direct the pulses at the pain inflicted area. The only necessity that comes along with EMRT is quite manageable – the area in which treatment is being offered needs to be kept still. Definitely not a big deal when compared with the chronic pain that is being endured daily.

And wouldn’t you let a smile when we say that you can completely relax during the treatment? Yes, you can definitely read your favorite book or just have a nap. With the help of EMRT while majority of patients have completely get rid themselves of all sorts of symptoms associated with arthritis, the others found their symptoms greatly reduced and cut down the intake of pain relief medication.

Are there any risk factors and side effects?

As the signals that are being targeted towards the affected area are of very low range, EMRT is absolutely a safe procedure. As a matter of fact, there have been no reports or indications that points on serious side effects. Having said that, our doctors do not recommend EMRT for patients who are pregnant, have pace makers, epilepsy, children under 10, and have few other medical complications.

As far as side effects are concerned, they are absolutely nil. Many patients have gone back to their original field of activity such as sports right after the treatment. Since the initial days, EMRT has been successfully offered to thousands of patients and there have been no reports or evidence of side effects.

To sum it up, with EMRT as the treatment procedure, there can’t be better way to bring the gleeful pain free days says the doctor from the leading clinic for EMRT treatment in Pune. If you are presently suffering from knee pain and not convinced with surgical procedures, you can always contact us at our clinic for this highly reputed procedure and seek answers for all your queries. We offer EMRT at our PPCC, Pune using highly sophisticated equipments and rigorously follow all stipulations and protocols.

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