If you have ever experienced a knee injury in your life, then you will have a fair idea of how it can take a toll on your lifestyle. Apart from hindering your lifestyle, knee injuries restrict your functionality and movement due to inflammation and damage especially arthritis.

Arthritis especially osteoarthritis is a severe knee condition which requires medical intervention before it progresses to become a severe problem in the future. In some cases, it is so severe that it makes it impossible to carry out daily activities with ease.

Due to lack of awareness, a lot of individuals believe that a knee replacement is the only solution to treat knee surgeries. However, that is not true. The onset of treatments such as Electromagnetic Regeneration Therapy (EMRT) has opened the doors to treating knee injuries in a non-invasive manner. At Punechelation, we provide the best EMRT treatment in Pune to patients seeking medical assistance to treat severe knee and back pain.

Let’s understand what EMRT is and how it helps in treating knee and back pain in a non-invasive

What is EMRT?

There are multiple medical and physiotherapy techniques and a range of other methods such as acupuncture and massages that assist in reducing pain and inflammation. However, these techniques may not address the real problem, i.e. cartilage degeneration.

Cartilage degeneration refers to breaking down of the cartilage which provides a cushioning effect to your bones. However, when it starts wearing down, it causes friction between the joints and the bones leading to unbearable pain and inflammation.

Thanks to advancements in the medical field, EMRT has emerged as one of the best and practical techniques to treat knee problems. It is specially curated to address problems in the bones, discs, and cartilage, ligament, and tendon points.

Therapy is non-invasive and painless and also takes into account the self-healing power of our body. At present, EMRT is widely used worldwide and has overcome numerous clinical trials. It is a medically validated treatment, and we provide the best EMRT procedure in Pune.

How does EMRT work?

As the name indicates, EMRT makes use of the magnetic field to stimulate electric pulsed signals to penetrate the part of the knee or back that is injured. It is essential to understand that without the assistance of the magnetic field, the pulsating signals can never be directed towards the injury without disturbing it.

The pulses primarily repair any tissue damage and also restrict cartilage degeneration.

What is the success rate of EMRT?

The success rate largely depends on various factors such as age, other medical conditions, the magnitude of the situation. However, EMRT has enjoyed a good success rate as hundreds of patients have benefitted from the therapy. Besides, a lot of our patients have also reported that they do not require medication of traditional medical practice.

A lot of patients have also reported relief from symptoms of arthritis and have returned to their day-to-day routine after EMRT. Apart from being a non-invasive and a painless procedure, it is also a drug-free treatment. If you are looking for advanced knee pain treatment in Pune, schedule an appoint with us to know more!

All in all, the EMRT treatment is one of the best treatments out there to effectively deal with knee and back pain. We offer affordable, effective, safe, and highly reliable knee and Nonsurgical back pain treatment in Pune.

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