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A glimmer of hope is shining in the medical sector of India. It is known as ‘Poona Preventive Cardiology Center’. An endeavour committed to treating weak hearts and advocating non-surgical alternatives. Among their array of treatments, one stands out in particular – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). One of the most popular therapies that has gained attention of the medical sector.


The scientific principle behind HBOT is simple yet interesting. Utilizing a bespoke chamber, patients inhale pure oxygen under elevated pressure. This augmented pressure enables the lungs to accumulate more oxygen, which is subsequently distributed throughout the body. Originally, this therapy was employed in the domain of diving medicine, specifically to address decompression sickness. However, over time, it has been refined and is currently utilized to treat a diverse range of medical conditions.

The equipment involved is a testament to the progress of medical science. The hyperbaric chamber, typically constructed from transparent plastic, offers a relaxed environment for the patient. Qualified professionals supervise the process, guaranteeing the patient’s wellbeing and comfort.

HBOT is not a newbie in the field. Its roots trace back to the 17th century, when British physician Henshaw first used a primitive version of the hyperbaric chamber. Its usage in treating decompression sickness was later exploited by Paul Bert, the ‘father of pressure physiology’. As the years sailed by, the scope of HBOT broadened and it found its place in mainstream medical therapy.

HBOT heralds a new chapter in the medical field. A call to action is being made.. To explore. To understand. To embrace.


Cellular Mechanism: HBOT increases the amount of oxygen dissolved in the body’s tissues. This encourages the release of growth factors and stem cells, promoting healing and fighting infection.

Anti-inflammatory Effect: HBOT is nothing short of a blessing for the system’s healing process due to its function of reducing inflammation and swelling.

Oxygenation: HBOT plays a vital role in accelerating the body’s oxygenation levels. It does this by amplifying the volume of oxygen circulated through the bloodstream. 

Infection Control: Since the oxygen concentration is increased in the HBOT process, it discourages the growth of certain bacteria and builds the immune strength of the body.

Neovascularization: Neovascularization boosts the blood flow in areas with low blood circulation. It is done by creating new blood vessels.

The efficacy of HBOT is firmly grounded in substantial scientific evidence. Extensive research, spanning from cellular biology investigations to clinical trials, has consistently documented its benefits. Over time, HBOT has proven its effectiveness through rigorous scrutiny and validation.


Cardiovascular Restoration: HBOT has proven to ail the regenerative capabilities of the heart which leads to the  development of new blood vessels. Thus, the body’s blood circulation is improved along with its strength to battle cardiovascular diseases.

Wound Healing: The therapy is widely acknowledged to expedite healing of wounds and ulcers, on account of its ability to enhance the oxygen supply which elevates the healing process.

Neurological Advantages: HBOT exhibits potential in addressing diverse neurological ailments. It fosters neurogenesis and holds promise for augmenting cognitive capabilities.

Safety Considerations and Adverse Effects: Although generally safe, it’s imperative to acknowledge potential side effects of HBOT which includes fatigue, altered vision, and in rare instances, oxygen toxicity. It is therefore recommended to administer HBOT under the supervision of qualified professionals.


On a sunny day, Mr. Sharma walked into Poona Preventive Cardiology Center. His heart was weak. Traditional treatments had proved futile. He decided to try HBOT. After a few sessions, he started noticing changes. His stamina improved. His heart grew stronger. Today, he enjoys a healthier lifestyle, all thanks to HBOT.

Medical professionals at Poona Preventive Cardiology Center have many such real life case studies to share. They’ve seen patients walk in with hope in their eyes, and walk out with strength in their hearts. They’ve witnessed the power of HBOT. They believe in its potential. And they’re not alone in this.

Across the globe, HBOT is gaining recognition. Medical professionals are advocating its use. They’re basing their arguments on science, on studies, on results. And the world is listening.


HBOT is not just a treatment but a form of holistic healing. One of the many gifts of modern science that exhibits the potential to unlock the body’s healing capacity.

It is not a last resort, but a potent alternative. Healing process is a journey, not a destination. A journey where every step matters. So let’s take a step forward. Let’s embrace HBOT. It is right here. At the Poona Preventive Cardiology Center. It’s for everyone. So why wait? Seize the opportunity to heal, to recover, to live. Let’s unlock the healing potential together at Poona Preventive Cardiology Center!

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