Recent global survey has indicated that the number of heart patients has doubled as compared to 1984 figures. By the end of 2015, this figure may go up to 103% and India is placed very high in the figures chart which is a warning signal to all age groups.

Exercise, Diet, Stress Management coupled with Preventive Therapy can help prevent many heart ailments. There are no substitutes except Chelation Therapy and EECP. This therapy can avert angioplasty or by-pass procedures. Additionally, future risks arising out of hereditary heart ailments, stressful lifestyle, advancing age and such addictions can be avoided by this therapy. This therapy is found very useful in curing chest pain, back-pain, giddiness, pain in left arm, shoulder pain and also for Diabetes and patients having angioplasty or by-pass.

The technology used in this therapy is approved by cardiologists world over as also by USFDA. Thousands of heart patients are successfully treated at Poona Preventive Cardiology Center, in the last seven years. This therapy is found useful in preventing blockages, otherwise found in angioplasty or by-pass patients.

A very large number of patients were successfully treated by the Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre at two locations, viz. Aranyeshwar Chowk, Swargate and behind Morya Hospital, Chinchwad in the last eight years. This comprehensive therapy includes guidance from expert cardiologists as also tips on diet, exercise and stress management, as per Dr Jyotsna Patil.

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