What is EECP?

EECP also known as Enhanced External Counter Pulsation is a nonsurgical treatment for chest pain used for those who are suffering from chest pain or angina. When all other treatments and medication fail to resolve the pain and discomfort of the patient, then EECP is used as a last resort to reduce the chest pain or angina of the person. The purpose of EECP is to increase the blood flow which is returning to the heart, wherein there is an increase in the oxygen supply in the areas which are lacking and with the availability of oxygen; the blocked arteries open up, reducing the chest pain. If you are looking for EECP treatment in Pune, consult us and we will help you.

How does it function?

To perform EECP therapy the patient requires to go under the therapy session of thirty-five hours for five days a week, each session last for about one hour each day and is done over the course of seven weeks. During the treatment, the patient is made to lie down on the bed and three inflatable cuffs are wrapped around him or her on the calves, thighs, and buttocks. Meanwhile, three small electrodes are taped to the chest skin, which is connected to the electrocardiograph (ECG), to keep a check on the rhythm of the heartbeat. The inflation and deflation of the cuffs wrapped around the body parts are in sync with the heartbeat.

Who can have EECP?

Those who are suffering from chest pain and angina where the medication is not helping, while the possibility of treatments like bypass surgery or balloon angioplasty is low, then the person is considered for EECP. If you are looking to know more about EECP then we at Nliven are best in EECP treatment in Pune, we will help you to learn more about it

Is EECP Beneficial?

There are some benefits of the EECP, a nonsurgical treatment for chest pain after the treatment as follows:

Risks of EECP

The only problems one can feel after EECP therapy is the skin irritation in the region with the cuffs were strapped. One does not need to take any specifically prescribed medicine for EECP treatment, and the person can go home after the treatment.

Measure and precautions after EECP


As such there is no major risk in EECP but it is not the permanent solution for the heart problems like a bypass surgery or angioplasty. It only helps re-establish the supply of oxygen in the blood vessels where it is deficient. There are patients who go for EECP even after bypass surgery are still having trouble with their heart. We at Nliven perform the EECP treatment in Pune contact us for more information.

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